I know the picture looks like a fake setting but it is in fact a real train track :) I decided to pull over on the side of the road and get wet and be dirty! hahaha If you know me you will know how crazy I can get from time to time. I hope you all enjoy the tracks and my wet pussy and wet tshirt that I had going on exposing my hard nipps.

Lori xoxo

One Adventure I took for a day off a cruise ship was visiting Aruba…. I had 12 hours to be on the island so I thought I would give them a little taste of Lori Anderson (hehehe) There were so many tourist everywhere… you couldn’t really do a whole lot for a long time with out a tour bus driving up to drop off the next load of people. I ended up just taking my bikini off here and rolling around in the sand getting myself messy for sure…. it is a hot set and I think a few people glanced and seen me from a distance on what I was doing :) ooooops!


Luv Lori xoxo

I was feeling very naughty in the shower so I decided to give you guys a little show :) I even video taped it! Hot pussy shaving show getting very wet and juicy for you shower lovers as this was a special request from a member. I know your gonna love me doggy style on my knees so go ahead and take a load off… you wanna get wett together?

Wet Kissses,

Lori xo

I was out on a mucky Island just enjoying myself when I thought to myself I should be naked so I don’t dirty too much of my bikini while I roll around and get all nice and muddy for you. I know you will like the mud all over my ass and all over the soles of my feet.. it was definately a muddy mess! The water was nice and warm so I didn’t mind.


Luv Lori xoxo

I love getting wet & messy in my shower :) I had so many different soaps and shampoos and stuff to play with this time (wink) I also like to get naughty in the shower too while im making a big mess :) hehehhe In this series I grabbed one of my suction cup dildos and stuck it on the seat here and just went to town! The only mess I was making was big sudsy cum pile! Ha… well what do ya say? you wanna slip in the shower and rocking.

Luv Lori xoxo

I was wet and wearing a bikini thong set underneath my c-thru shorts riding a moped when I got rained on ! ummmm luckily my camera didn’t get wet but my body was shivering all over.. the rain didn’t last long but as you can see the dripping water was making its way across my body in no time… hehehehe I enjoyed it and hope you do too.

Luv Lori x

I am a water girl. I love the exotic places that I get to visit every year that goes by and Im amazed at the perfect sandy beaches that a Have come across. I love getting hot and naked and just skinny dipping at all times of the day showing off my hot all over body tan. Do you love the view too? enjoy it baby.

Luv Lori oxox

If you like watching me getting all sudsy and messy in the shower then you will like this update as well :) I got so horny here actually that I had a suction cup dildo… and fucked myself on the seat.. watch me get soooo crazy!

Luv Lori

I did a little dance to this episode with one of Kid Rocks songs :) I had two cans of ready whip. One was vanilla the other was Chocolate :) I got so damn messy that my pussy was dripping all over the table. I was one sticky mess! Wouldn’t you just love to jump right on top of me and have your dessert? I would love to have you lick the flavored cream right out of my pussy… The video will definately get you off!

Messy Kisses,

Luv Lori xoxo

I love being outdoors as most of you guys know I have a boat. I love to jump in the water especially when Im wearing a hot white tank top so that when I get wet my nipples are nice and hard showing thru the shirt. Its so hot to watch other people in complete shock as I do crazy things in public.

enjoy baby

Luv Lori xoxo