Chocolate Pussy:

Ok, who ordered the chocolate covered pussy!  I love to cover myself in sticky, gooey goodness!

Cindy Gets Wet:

Brunette babe Cindy loves getting messy...but she loves to get clean even more!  I think you'll agree!

Sophie's Dessert:

Blonde cutie Sophie covers her sweet puffy tits in rich strawberry ice cream for you!  Very tasty!!

Banana Split:

Greg gets very hard as he and Andrea lather each other with chocolate, nuts and sticky jizz!!

Coco N Sprinkles:

This is one of my favorite sets ever!  I cover myself from head to toe and become the tastiest sundae on earth!

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I just got back from a nudist resort I go to all the time. I have an all over tan. I like that, but you can barely see my nipples thru all the chocolate! Chocolate, whip creme, and sprinkles all over my body. Yippee!

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Kelly & Tracy are two girls I met in cancun a few years back.  Both of them share my passion for food related, wet N messy fun!  Check out this scene where they both cover each other in chocolate & whipped cream!!

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These hot blondes make a super sweet N messy chocolate sundae out of each other and really enjoy licking off all their efforts!  Trust me when I tell you guys that you aren't going to want to miss this one!  Cum inside right now for more!

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